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Kobido Gdansk

A unique treatment for your beauty and relaxation

Called a non-surgical facelift, the Kobido massage combines care for your facial oval and deep relaxation. It’s not just another facial massage, it’s a natural alternative to aesthetic medicine and an intensive treatment that has a number of benefits such as reducing muscle tension, reducing signs of aging, shallowing nasolabial furrows and at the same time eliminating facial wrinkles. Learn about kobido massage with us .

Discover the secret of Kobido massage

During a Kobido massage treatment, we focus on five key techniques, starting with deep tissue massage, followed by induction into a state of deep relaxation with oil, and modeling with acupressure.

Non-Surgical Facelift: Kobido – Your Way to a Younger Skin.

If you desire a non-surgical facelift, Kobido is for you. This deep tissue massage is:

Regain a more youthful facial appearance and eliminate muscle tension,

Stimulate cellular metabolism,

A simple way to achieve a lifting effect and improve facial contour,

A non-surgical alternative for correcting drooping cheeks (cheek lift), eliminating facial stiffness, and eliminating bags under the eyes.

Kobido massage – younger looking face as a result of deep muscle massage

Lymphatic drainage is the key to a younger complexion. Kobido massage eliminates muscle tension, reduces wrinkles, contours facial features, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, thereby stimulating it to produce collagen and elastin to restore the youthful appearance of the face and neck. This is an excellent way to stimulate the skin and restore its firmness

Regular Kobido massage leads to the maintenance of the natural rejuvenation and firming effect. Regeneration takes place in the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment stimulates collagen production, improves cellular metabolism, and gives sagging skin a chance to revitalize. It eliminates the effects of stress, leads to the relief of headaches, lifts drooping eyelids, shallows wrinkles, reduces puffiness on the surface of the skin and reduces the signs of aging, including facial wrinkles. Kobido massage is an extraordinary experience with excellent results.

Contraindications: interrupted continuity of the epidermis, tooth extraction, freshly performed aesthetic medicine procedures | Massage duration: 80 minutes

Check out the kobido massage with bio-aesthetic taping or nourishing mask!

Cleanse your body and mind!