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Your place of relaxation and regeneration

In the heart of Gdansk, wrapped in an atmosphere of tranquility and charm, two friends have created a place that offers a unique relaxation experience for body and mind. Welcome to Five Senses Float Spa, an oasis of calm where every sense will find its place.

Massage Therapies

At Five Senses Float Spa, we place great emphasis on massage therapies focused on recovery and relaxation. Our skilled therapists offer a variety of massages, tailored to each guest’s individual needs. From relaxation massage to intensive deep tissue therapy, we make sure you find the perfect way to relax. Also take a look at our offerings for moms or specialty massages such as foot reflexology or cross-temporal therapy!

Floating, or the art of weightlessness

Floating – a unique method of relaxation in which you immerse yourself in a specially prepared cabin filled with brine – reigns supreme in our spa. Your body floating in the water makes all tension disappear and your mind finds peace. It is an extraordinary experience where time slows down and you find harmony.

Natural Cosmetics and Kobido

At Five Senses Float Spa, we emphasize a holistic approach to beauty. We use natural cosmetics, and our kobido facial therapy is a true journey to skin rejuvenation. We pamper your senses and body, making each treatment an unforgettable experience.

An Individualized Approach

We understand that every guest is unique. That’s why in our spa we focus on an individual approach to each person. Before each treatment, we conduct a detailed interview to tailor the therapy to your needs, expectations and possible health problems.

Five Senses Float Spa – Because relaxation is an art

At our spa, we believe that relaxation is not just a luxury, but an essential practice for physical and mental health. That’s why each of our treatments is a unique combination of experienced therapists, personalized therapy and a friendly atmosphere.

Cleanse your body and mind!