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Niesamowite promocje! Drugie urodziny Five Senses float • spa!

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Niesamowite promocje! Drugie urodziny Five Senses float • spa!

Pakiet Five Senses Exclusive

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Nowadays, we forget how important it is to sleep and rest. The unhealthy rush results in spending less time sleeping and relaxing, thus making us more susceptible to illnesses, depression and addictions! Floating Gdańsk  is the perfect solution for all those concerned.

For the body

Floating makes us go into a state of deep relaxation that releases endorphins reducing the sensation of pain. During a floating session, our body floats on the surface of water, so we do not move, and no muscles work. This process is often compared to lying in bed – but you couldn’t be more wrong! Lying down causes pressure that reduces blood supply to certain areas of our body, which is why we change positions and tighten muscles. In the case of a floating session, there is no tension, so it better affects our body. Freed from gravity and loads, the body allows blood to reach any damaged areas, so the healing process is much shorter. Many users after a floating session in our Day SPA centre in Gdańsk could reduce the amount of analgesics taken.

For the mind

The conditions during a session put users into a state of deep meditation, through which their minds rest. During this time, there is no influence of light, sound or touch, so we can detach from everything and give in to blissful relaxation. Floating is a process on the borderline of dream and wakefulness, accompanied by slowing down of the heart rate and breath and reducing muscle tension. Our Day SPA offers sessions lasting from 30 to over 90 minutes.

DAY SPA Gdansk at your fingertips

Five Senses is one of the few Day Spas located in Gdansk which offers both classical treatments and floating sessions. Thanks to the wide range of provided services, we can offer several treatments during one visit. More information on the available packages and services is available under the tab “Offer”.

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In the age of a lot of work, stress and constant hurry, we often forget about rest. Rarely do we have time to travel, relax and get away from it all. Now, thanks to our SPA, which is located in the “Garnizon” housing estate in Gdansk, relax is at your fingertips and without wasting time for the journey!

Great location, Spa Gdansk Garnizon

Our company offers a wide range of treatments and massages after which you will feel like after a long and satisfying holiday. One of the many advantages of using our services is also the convenient location. Our SPA GDANSK is situated in the very centre of the prestigious housing estate “Garnizon”, so you do not have to waste time to get there or to be stuck in traffic jams. Just make an appointment for a specific hour to be able to give in to a relaxing moment in the form of SPA treatments in Gdansk.

Convenient hours

We know how difficult it is to find a free moment for ourselves, so we decided to meet these problems. In the interests of our customers and their comfort, our Day SPA Gdansk is open 7 days a week, so that everyone can find a convenient time for their visit. On selected days, our salon is open from 9:00 until 22:00. More information about opening hours is available under the tab “Contact”.

Precious time

We also know how important and valuable time is for our customers at SPA GDANSK, which is why we offer treatments of varying duration. From 30 to over 90 minutes! Thanks to an individual and professional approach, you will really feel relaxed and most importantly – rested! And all this without leaving Gdansk!

All in one place

Our Day Spa Gdańsk located in the very centre of the housing estate “Garnizon”, concentrates many services in one place! We offer spa treatments, massages and floating sessions that you can combine to create your perfect relaxation package.


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