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FIVE SENSES float spa

Your oasis of peace

Our spa is the perfect place for those who want to forget the stresses of everyday life and spend time alone with themselves. We give our guests more than just relaxation.

Our spa offers a wide range of therapeutic, relaxing and restorative treatments. As experienced therapists, we provide professional massages to relax the body and mind.

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How do we take care of your senses?

A personalized approach

We tailor all massages to what you and your body need.

Proprietary techniques

We use them in, among other things. proprietary massage to provide you with the highest level of relaxation.

Treatment times

Their duration is not random, instead it is adequate to the elements they consist of.

Unique atmosphere

Smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste – we take care of your every sense from the moment you cross our thresholds.

Float spa - what is it and why?

Our values


Gdansk, Garrison and interior

Let me start at the very beginning. From the moment I walked in, I was captivated by Five Senses. A pleasant, courteous and helpful receptionist who perfectly introduced me to the treatment. When making an appointment for floating, I expected attractions like a mini pool like in a hotel, a Jacuzzi or sauna. How wrong I was! Although my knowledge of floating was nil, I will never forget my first session. Needless to say, each subsequent one was only better 😉 It's addictive!


I benefited from an hour-long floating session and then a 5 senses massage. A wonderful experience. I recommend this combination to everyone, but also to each individual. Floating helped me relax my body and mind, let go of the control in my mind and the tension in my body, and the massage only completed the process. A stay at Five Senses Float SPA was absolutely worth the price and the time spent. I thank the Team for taking such tender and comprehensive care of me. You are creating a unique place. Greetings.


A great experience and tremendous relaxation. Great balance between pressure and relaxation pleasure. Exquisite atmosphere, professional and cordial at the same time approach to the customer. A double massage for me and my husband made it an exceptionally enjoyable evening. It was wonderful! We will definitely be back soon! 🙂


I've been a few times and really enjoyed it. The place is very atmospheric and you can really relax. The staff was friendly and professional, I was very satisfied with the massage or treatment every time. As well as people to whom I gave such a treatment as a gift. I have used such services at many salons, but 5sense still remains top 1.

Ola MaGoogle

I have had 3 floating sessions and I strongly recommend people who are struggling with muscle pain. The first hour-long seiza of floating made me realize that it was just what I needed, as the pains subsided. SHOCK!
Five Senses is the ideal place for physical and mental regeneration. I heartily recommend to everyone regardless of age!

Miroslaw L.TripAdvisor

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